About Our Confections

At FrännyBakes we are dedicated to the fine art of creating exquisite confections entirely by hand. By using only the finest ingredients and layering subtle flavors we are able to achieve pure perfection, that send flavors dancing whimsically across your taste buds.

Customers have noted that they have often lost the sense of time as Fränny's exquisite confections have sent them into a deep reverie of heavenly past experiences. Note: It is therefore not advisable to eat these goodies while driving.

Using ingredients that impart deep, warm flavors like ginger, cinnamon and citrus, Franny has created an array of treats that delight the eye as much as the tongue.”  { read article » }
~ Christy Willhelmi | Mar Vista's Bounty Hunter

Francesca's exquisite sweets have been described as an intoxicating synergy of rich textures, spices and Technicolor presentation.”